About Me


A little about me…

Daughter of the King. Wife. Mommy. Entrepreneur. Your win is my win. I’m a self driven, motivated person and I’m certainly not shy of a challenge. With God at the forefront and an amazing husband – I’m able to write this with a fuzzy heart and cheesy grin. A blog has been something on my mind for quite some time. My reasons for doing it? to share, to journey together, to lock arms with like minded people, to uplift, increase His territory and hopefully provide some solutions to scenarios – whether time management, cooking, kiddies, beauty regime, business etc. 
What’s this blog about?
Due to my busy lifestyle (wife, mommy and work duties) I’m on the move non stop (usually by choice and because I don’t know how to say no). Therefore, my lifestyle needs to be one of convenience, ease and efficiency as do I. 
On this blog you’ll have the opportunity to read about faith, family, friendship, food, beauty, motherhood and business (I’m involved in a family business – Gary Rom Hairdressing, I also launched an events company 4 years ago called Ever After Events and I recently added another business into the mix, called Pure – the best you. If you’re over your 9-5 and would like to start something of your own, this is an awesome business model applicable to anyone worldwide – so pop me a message). 
I hope to enlighten you with the posts I write, enrich your life or simply change your mindset towards something. Who knows, maybe even the simplest tip on something could have a great impact on your day to day. And hey, you’re welcome to pop me a message and ask any questions, I’d love to build a relationship with you – life isn’t one sided, your win is my win and together we can all accomplish great things. 
A little more about me…
As a mommy of 3 little ones, both Lloyd (my hubby) and I are certainly out numbered most of the time. As other mommies would know, we don’t have much time for ourselves… so my “getting ready” regime has to be one of speed and simplicity (just like my cooking). When it comes to hair, I’m either rocking the bed head look or sleek & straight. Regarding fashion (you guessed it, in minimal time), casual chic is my go to. I’m a sneakers kinda girl as I’m generally on the run – always so much to do and not enough time. Isabella, Sofia and Luke also keep me on my toes so my fashion choices need to be lifestyle friendly… sitting on the floor, climbing up, bending down and who knows what else a day may throw at me! 
All in all, I’m loving this journey called life… stretching myself, breaking barriers and smashing goals. I hope to share my passion and tips of how I do things / make things work for us and hopefully educate and inspire you to try something new – whether in business (if you’d like to get out of your 9-5, spend more time with your children etc – pop me a message), health or beauty. With your eye on the prize and a mindset of His unlimitedness, anything is truly possible.