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Going for gold!

With 2022 around the corner, you might be sitting on the fence.. about a personal or business decision. Well it’s time to take that step and make a choice. Let’s head into 2022 with clarity and confidence.


Over the last couple of years I’ve had numerous people say “I don’t know how you’ve done immigration.. 3 small kids and no support.” Whilst I’m not blowing my own horn, how have I done it? 1. The grace of God. 2. Tunnel vision and determination – with a goal in mind, there’s very little that can generally stop me. Sure there will be stumbling blocks along the way, that’s normal. It’s about learning how to overcome them, growing and staying focused.


I can say the same thing about my publishing business. I started my course in Feb 2021, published my first book in May.. became a coach for the course in June and there’s been rapid growth ever since. I feel exceptionally blessed and grateful for my journey. The last 3 years have been tough, but 2021 has made it worth it.


I have since set my eye on a prize for 2022, I’m going all in.. I’m going for gold baby! I know I need to invest – in my business, in myself and in others around me in order to achieve my goal, but I am willing to take the risk and do it. I’ve been umming and ahing about jumping all in and on Friday 17 Dec I made the decision. I’m doing it.. I’m going all in.


What are you on the fence about? My suggestions for making an important decision and reaching your goal:

  1. Draw up a pros and cons list – helpful for both business and personal decisions (I once drew up a list that had way more pros than it did cons, however the cons were so big they outweighed the pros – just something to keep in mind)
  2. Evaluate – yourself, your mindset, circumstances you can and can’t control
  3. Know your capacity – outsource if you can
  4. Have tunnel vision – do whatever is necessary… have your goal as a phone screensaver, create a dream board in your house, write your goals down. Do what ever it takes to stay focused and make this a reality!
  5. Back yourself! Once you’ve made the decision.. commit, go for gold and go all in!


As the close of 2021 approaches, I encourage you to really think about 2022 and how you are “going to go for gold” and achieve your goals. Strategise and put a plan in place. Whether it’s starting a new business venture, moving to a new town or country, breaking up from a dead-end relationship, pursuing your greatest love, trying new things, climbing the corporate ladder.. you get the point. 2022 – we’ve got this!!

I sincerely hope you’re feeling the positive vibes & energy right now! I’m totally pumped.

Mel x


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