Isabella’s 4th Birthday


It is hard to believe that four years have gone by since the day my little girl was born. How is it that Isabella, the one who made me a mommy, is now so big? Still so little, yet, such a big girl.


When it came to her party, there was so much to talk about. I’ve really seen such a difference from age three to four. Not only did we chat about her big day, but also about other celebrations in-between – and she had some tall orders (covering eyes). Firstly, as a family tradition, we always do cake, candles, balloons & presents in bed with the birthday person – so she ever-so-politely requested that she wanted a number four balloon, but also gold, white, yellow & pink balloons with her cake & candles. For her class party, she wanted pink & white glitter party packs with a ballet sticker on – filled with goods of her choice. That afternoon, a cake with a number 4 candle (to celebrate with Granny & Grampa) & last but not least, a Peppa Pig party.


Since Disney / characters aren’t really my thing, I was happy to go with Peppa Pig theme, with my own spin. Personally, I loved the party packs the most! Who would’ve thought that an over-sized character on a gift bag would work so well? It was an awesome day, celebrated with those nearest & dearest to us. Bella certainly had the best birthday to date!


Our darling Isabella, you’ve made Daddy and Mommy so proud. Our love for you grows more and more each day. You’re kind and soft, yet strong and assertive. You are generous and hard-working, always striving to do your best. We love how you love Jesus – praise God for a spirit filled child. You’re the big, big sister & you’re certainly not afraid to let anyone know. You’re the most passionate, dramatic story teller we know, and we love it! God, thank you for sharing your baby girl with us, she is such a blessing. We adore you angel, we know that the next year is going to be your best year yet! love you more than you’ll ever know xxx


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