Luke Is One

And just like that, Luke is one. Where has time gone? Being a mommy has certainly taught me one thing, time waits for no one. Realistically, it felt like 6 months ago that he was born. I’ll never forget the moment when his sisters met him for the first time, the love was instantaneous & excitement was unbelievable. Not realising how fragile he is, the girls have certainly toughened him up over the last year.

Its a difficult thing to realise when your last baby, is your last baby. Generally I’ve had easy pregnancies, so having 3 babies was such a joy and wonderful experience. There’s something different about processing all the firsts, for the last time. I’ve tried my best to savour each moment, which has been tricky as life gets so busy with work & 3 kiddies. If only I could capture each memory and fill a pretty jar with all the laughs, tears, struggles & more – opening the lid from time to time and replaying how far we’ve come as a family. I often wonder if, in 20 years time, I’ll remember certain things that happened, even just the mundane daily on-goings.

Luke has been the greatest blessing to our family. the mere story of how he came about is so special to us. Like any women with a desire to be a mommy, we aren’t quite sure how easily / quickly we’ll fall pregnant. So just after we got married, I decided to do ovulation tests to determine what / when etc. Needless to say, we fell pregnant straight away (what a blessing!). When Isabella was a mere 4 months old, I fell pregnant with Sofia (also detaining ovulation). Lloyd and I were completely happy with our 2 girls and honestly thought that was it for us. Until July 2016. We went to visit our good friends Graham & Amy with their little newborn Max, in the same hospital we had the girls in. Needless to say, I walked out of that hospital & looked at Lloyd & simply said “ok… 1 more!”. Lloyd agreed & stated that no tests etc this time round, we would leave it up to God’s timing. After chatting about it, we had decided that if nothing had happened by October, we would take it as God’s plan for us just to have our 2 little girls. To cut a long story short, I fell pregnant in October 2016 by what would’ve been my first & only time I ovulated (as my dates didn’t quite make sense according to my usual cycle). So Luke is our little miracle boy & its just another reminder that God may not be early, but He’s certainly never late.

Lloyd & I stand firmly in believing that Luke will speak to his generation, He will be an upright man and child of God, the prophesies we’ve received about him have been amazing and we simply cannot wait to watch the man he will grow up to be.

Luke, you’re mommy’s little boy. I promise to teach you to be a gentlemen, to treat ladies well, to cook & clean, to be kind, generous and giving of yourself. You have the most amazing daddy to look up to, to follow in his footsteps as a man of God. You’re my little angel boy, I love you with all that I am.

Happy 1st Birthday, we all loved celebrating your birthday with you! xxx


4 thoughts on “Luke Is One

  1. Just love the theme Melis and the little clouds on his cake, well done! x

  2. What a beautiful blog and testimony to becoming Luke’s mom. As a mom of a almost 20 year old, I can tell you that you will not remember all those little things from the first years. So put them all in that pretty jar and take them out as time goes by to treasure and share with your grandchildren decades from now. Much love xx

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