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My top tips for organisation

Even though I’ve always been an organised person, I entered a whole new ball game when I left South Africa and found my self in a little village in the English countryside, with no support. Stripped of every helping hand I had previously, and likely taken for granted at the time (even though I’ve always been a very appreciative person). Many of us find ourselves in this situation currently, with the worldwide lockdown in place.

I’ve always liked to challenge myself in ways where I can save time, be more productive, cut corners effectively while still achieving the desired result. I find joy in this! *currently smiling at myself*. For example, while unpacking the dishwasher in the morning, the kettle is boiling to get the hot drink order ready for the Madsen family or I’ll put a load of washing in when the kids get in to the bath, so it’s ready for me to hang just before I’m about to serve dinner to everyone… I’m so fortunate to have a hubby that’s hands on with the kids, so I’ll often ask him to get things ready when I’m sorting something out with them. There’s honestly always something to do or sort out while something else is on the go. Just think about it..

I’ve developed a few top tips which really, really make a difference in the running of our home.

My top tips in no particular order:

  1. When starting to cook, always make sure the basin is empty and the dish rack is clear. Otherwise things quickly pile up & become a cluttered mess. On a side note, one of my pet hates – if there’s a few dishes in the basin and pasta gets strained over all the dishes. Great! oil everywhere.
  2. When hanging washing – on a clothes rack or washing line, always start from the back and work your way forward. If you’ve got a clothes horse like we do, start at the bottom, at the back, working your way forwards, then moving on to the middle and upper racks.  This way, you aren’t dodging washing or straining yourself.
  3. Toys & games – since our kiddies were babies, we’ve always had the rule of “first pack away before getting something else.” This has been a tremendous help! My kiddies are not only helping me, but also learning to look after their belongings, environment and be tidy.
  4. “Team work makes the dream work!” This is my husband’s saying. My daily goal is to have the house neat & tidy before the kids go up to bed. When I walk downstairs after getting everyone to sleep, I couldn’t think of anything worse than having to clean up, pack away etc. This mama needs to catch her breath!
  5. Zip locks! They’ve been a great saviour with my kiddies – specially in their playroom. I’ve used them for their puzzles, dress up clothes (so outfits always stay together.. avoiding “Mommy, where are my Elsa shoes… or Minnie Mouse ears), tea party sets, craft goods, Peppa Pig and her extended friends… the list is endless.

Allow me to encourage you to make life a little easier for yourself. Teach your kiddies about being neat & tidy (not to live in a box) but to simply do things like fold their clothes when getting changed (they actually enjoy it and see it as a sense of independence). I believe children thrive off of routine, we are first hand witnesses to this. Challenge yourself to do things quicker, more effectively and efficiently, ultimately allowing yourself that little bit of extra downtime when you eventually put your feet up.. and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing “it’s all done.”

I hope this has helped you in some way. Even though I’ve just shared a few of mine, I’d love to hear about your tips and tricks to staying organised and on top of things.

Melissa x


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