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My Tribe

Throughout my life, I think I’ve experienced it all; the bullying, the back-stabbing, the good influences and the bad ones too. I have experienced feeling out in the best of friends’ presence (literally being left out of things or ignored). That being said, this blog post isn’t about all those things nor those experiences, perhaps those will be revealed in time. This post is about the hand full of true friends I find myself blessed with today.

Its a pretty big deal to find realness. And by realness I mean, true vulnerability – acceptance of all you are, just as you are. Not having to fit in, pretend, put on a brave face or be a type of chameleon to the friends you find yourself doing life with. I think my shift in friendships truly started when my faith was ignited. And I think that began when I met Melinda and journeyed with her and Freya. God brought Melinda and I together when our paths crossed while planning her sister’s baby shower. The most beautiful friendship has developed ever since. Experiencing friendship with her has allowed me to implement Godly principles into my other friendships and life in general.Without their knowledge, I appreciate Melinda and Freya’s spiritual mentorship a great deal. It is truly, by the grace of God, that I am surrounded by the women I have around me today. Friends are the family you choose, and currently I would choose my group of women over and over again – each living for Christ, passionate about Him, His kingdom and journeying together to do His works. Its the “X” factor I was searching for all along. Today, I find myself in a place where my friends speak into my life in a way that its good for my soul. We’re able to tell one another what we need to hear, opposed to what we want to hear – ministering to one another, sharing testimonies and walking hand in hand.

They say “find your tribe & love them hard”. At the age of 29, I feel my tribe has changed somewhat over the years, but it finally feels like I fit in. I’m home. I’m able to lock arms with this amazing group of women, all from different paths, areas and walks of life – so there’s no “click” or “groupie” vibe – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Should you find yourself in a position where you’re friends with people for the sake of it or because you have been for so many years, I’d like to encourage you not to be scared of “the shift” or to be bold and to speak out, about your faith – allowing God to work in your heart & your friends. There’s something beyond special when friendships become fellowships.

Today and every day, I honour my nearest & dearest. Kez, Melinda, Freya, Antje, Lisa, Gaby, Keri, Kimmie. Life simply wouldn’t be what it is without you all. The love, support, joy, tears, laughs, prayers. You’re my tribe, I love you. Your patience with me, my busy schedule, lack of communication at times, unable to attend events doesn’t phase you. Thank you for accepting me and loving me as I am. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers, know you are in mine.

Im so excited to see where our journey will lead us xxx


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